Rony Barrak is a Lebanese percussionist known for his talent on the darbuka. Its rhythmic qualities allowed him to play with the biggest names of jazz musicians as well as different musical genre.

Able to play all styles of music, he released an album in November 2009, Darbuka City mix of Arabic music and Latin music and jazz, funk, percussion and chill out.

Constantly engaged in the development of many projects, he is also known to play during perfomances lives of video game music. Yes video games have their own music genre.

If you like percussion, this osmosis between a classical symphony and talent of Rony Barrak will not leave you indifferent ...

We particularly recommend the solo in 4 minutes! We have not yet recovered, one of the best in Lebanon.

To put his music in context, it is an event more than expected: the Symphonic Fantasies! With Yoko Shimomura, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hiroki Kikuta and Nobuo Uematsu, four big names in video game music, who have partnered with a philharmonic orchestra and proposed medley of the greatest saga Square: Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger / Cross, Secret of Mana or Kingdom Hearts.

After tens of thousands of clapping warmly played by the public heart, Hiroki Kikuta did not hesitate to stand up and welcome these signs of gratitude. After a short break, the band returned with the music of the famous "Chrono Cross" and "Chrono Trigger", great video game music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Armed with his darbuka, percussionist Rony Barrak entered the scene. He played his instrument with agility, dexterity and impressive relaxation. Almost like a great master. His communion with his darbuka spellbinding me, making me almost forget the other musicians. His leading presence gave a sense that part of rat race, soothed by the violins at times.

Now installed in New York City, Rony takes it easy nowadays. Between a baseball game and a run in Central Park, he may practice a bit on his instruments. It is the age when one can enjoy his family, his grandchildren, a good meal and just chilling out with friends.

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